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The ex in the original blind item is Roberto Rodriguez. Mc Gowan starred in two movies that were sold by her then-boyfriend, Roberto Rodriguez, to The Weinstein Company in 2007. Mc Gowan then details the two-decade old story of the 0,000 settlement she claims to have received from Weinstein, which did not include, according to her, a non-disclosure agreement. So what we have here is yet-another claim that many, many, many in Hollywood knew and chose to enable Weinstein through silence. I never threatened Rose Mc Gowan, nor offered her money, nor reached out to her.” In case you think that Lisa Bloom’s defense of Harvey “Serial Rapist” Weinstein was a one-time error in judgement, think again!

Those movies were Did Rodriguez know that Weinstein had assaulted Mc Gowan… Mc Gowan closes with another broadside against Bloom: Lisa Bloom, I had to play the trickiest game of my life because your threats were all about trying to silence me NOW. This past week, it was discovered that Bloom was also working for Amazon’s Harasser of the Week, Entertainment Division head Roy Price… Bloom was busy threatening publications not to run an expose on Roy “You Will Love My Dick” Price that detailed the extent of his sexual harassment of employees and clients.

He also writes that the Tarantino character was in every draft of the script dating back to one he sent the cast and crew on January 24, 2006, and the scene wasn’t filmed until five months after that.

“If there was any objection to the scene there was plenty of time to address it,” Rodriguez states.

article detailing Mc Gowan’s upcoming memoir, the actor claims that Rodriguez, whom she was dating at the time, used his knowledge that she was allegedly raped by producer Harvey Weinstein as a “tool for mind games” while filming .

In her memoir, she reportedly points to the scene where Quentin Tarantino, playing a character, attacks her character.

“There was certainly ample time for Rose to decide not to be in a film funded by the Weinsteins and reject the movie and the script before shooting ever began,” he argued.This validates Blind’s previous statement that other journalists had started getting more aggressive about exposing his long and sordid history in anticipation of Mc Gowan’s book. The scarlet letter is yours, and it’s S is for SHAME.Rose Mc Gowan is not shutting up for anyone, anymore, for any amount of money! And the open secret in Hollywood and mainstream media laid shame at my door. In her statement to Buzz Feed, Bloom calls the accusations “completely false” and claims, ” I don’t even know who her agent rapist,” she wrote on Twitter on Thursday night, before all but naming her attacker.In a series of provocative tweets, outspoken feminist actress-turned-filmmaker and activist Rose Mc Gowan has declared she was raped by a powerful Hollywood executive – and, by process of deduction, left industry insiders narrowing down to whom she was referring.

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