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It is a forward-looking name for space exploration.If MU69 turns out to be two bodies, we can call them "Año" and "Nuevo".Mawu-Lisa is the name of an androgenous creator god in some African and Afro-Caribbean traditions.Sometimes the name is split into Mawu and Lisa, separate female and male spirits, who worked together to create the world.Note that we removed names occasionally to make room for new names.The dates during which each name appeared on the ballot are listed here.It was also the home of the muses, inspirational goddesses of literature, science and the arts.

Abeona was the Roman Goddess of outward journeys and protector of travelers.As a character in an origin mythology, the name could potentially be approved by the IAU as a permanent name for MU69.Pangu arose from the opposing principles of Yin and Yang, two nicknames that would work well if MU69 is found to be a binary.For MU69, it describes humanity's most distant planetary encounter and also the clear view and new knowledge that we will obtain.In Norse mythology, these two ravens explore the world and bring information to Odin. The journey of New Horizons to MU69 brings to mind climbers reaching for high, cold mountain summits.

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As gatherers and preservers of knowledge, they are an apt metaphor for New Horizons gathering information and for MU69 preserving knowledge about solar system formation. In 1803, President Jefferson commissioned Meriwether Lewis and William Clark to explore the US west.

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