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Ishtar dating websites

Several of the tracks found dance floor success, including Last Kiss.

Ishtar also paid a visit to her fans in Israel, where she hosted a few television shows, singing duos with local stars such as Pavlo Rosenberg, Avihu Medina, and David D'Or.

Again she found dance success with such singles as Habibi (Sawah), which for the first time in her career featured a rapper JMI Sissoko.

Shortly after a greatest hits CD, The Alabina Years, was released, featuring a mix of Ishtar's solo hits, her Alabina hits, and some new English tracks as well.

In the same year, the Israeli film The Ballad of the Weeping Spring featured her in a dramatic role, and as a performer in the title song.

Ishtar, also called Inanna, is the “Lady of Heaven,” a goddess of fertility, love, and war.

She was the patron goddess of the city of Uruk, prostitutes, and ale houses.

In 2005, Ishtar released her fifth album, which was recorded in Paris, New-York and Turkey, In this album, Ishtar adapted Arabic music from her childhood with various strains of Spanish and Western Pop music and featuring the artist Jimmy Sissoko.

Her symbols are the eight pointed star and the lioness.

Piecing together Ishtar’s history has been a challenge for mythologists over the years as there is no one definitive text that tells her story.

Ishtar (born Esther (Eti) Zach, on 10 November 1968) is an Israeli pop singer who performs in Arabic, Hebrew, Bulgarian, French, Spanish, Russian and English.

She is best known for her work as the front vocalist of the French-based band Alabina, and her solo pop hits such as C'est la vie, Last Kiss, Horchat Hai Caliptus and Habibi (Sawah).

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