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Dhatupatha online dating

See the Mysore University news posted on leading news paper Prajavani, Feb 10th 2008 issue which states the foremost living legend of Karnataka Music from Andhra, BMK receiving a honorary degree for “Karnataka Sangeeta’ not for ‘Carnatic music’.

Visit 1974 Ramon Magsaysay Award official website to read that the best female musician MS that world has ever seen to date receiving the highest international award for ‘Classical and Semi-classical Karnataka tradition of South India’.

9) The article is over descriptive as per Wikipedia suggested guidelines 10) The article need to be rewritten immediately based on the real facts and the use of the original formal title ‘Karnataka Music’.

Rewriting will be initiated by editors who are interested to improve the article to remove deficiencies. If not agreed for logical/validated corrections, a separate concise article for ‘Karnataka Classical Music’ is needed and will be pursued in the interest of users of popular Wikipedia.

Often some editors claim that they are experts in a particular topic.

Those editors should fully disclose the verifiable proof of their expertise on their users page as done by many Wikipedia's highly respected editors and admns.

He has also been mentioned in other sections outside of the composers section.

Clearly, the user making these claims has not read the article thoroughly.5) It is vague and inaccurate to simply state that he 'laid the complete foundation of Carnatic Music' as he is not solely responsible for doing so.

8) Though the photo of founder Sri Purandara Daasa is appropriate, placing photo of other composers without putting that of the great Trinity is not appropriate.

See the recent live interview on the web-journal where the living senior most legend RKS refers to South India Classical music as “Karnataka Sangeeta”.

That shows all great musicians refer to the South Indian classical Music as Karnataka Music or Sangeeta or Sangeetam not by any other name that never existed. There is no evidence that today’s Karnataka Music was initiated in any language other than one adopted by the founder Sri Purandara Daasaru.

The suggested corrections are not valid and lack logic.

The user has already been alerted of the consequences of creating/recreating this article in any form.

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Otherwise only their comments supported by authentic, verifiable and non-weasel references can be considered.

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