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Beautiful candle holders online dating

"Kitchens can sometimes overpower an open floor plan," says Gun.

Because she didn't want to take away from the less-is-more aesthetic, she embraced a neutral, Scandinavian-inspired kitchen design and anchored the space with an expansive marble-topped antique table.

Commemorate your first year of marriage with a special one year photo frame- highlighting all your favorite photos from your first year of marriage.

UPDATE: We now have a free printable template to make your own heart-shaped picture poster!

A farm life in Upstate New York was the last thing on Gun Nowak's mind eight years ago, but 12 acres and a few renovations later, she's living just that. "I live in the country in Sweden— why would I want to do the same here when New York City is just around the corner? But when her daughter and business partner, Martina, settled in the Hudson Valley, Gun purchased a farm nearby in 2009 as an investment property. She politely asked the renters to vacate on the spot, and during the next few years, she cleared brush, freshened up the Victorian farmhouse, and worked hard to make the property her primary stateside residence, trading city chaos for country calm. With the windows firmly in place, Gun set her sights on replacing the chipping red paint with a warm custom gray.

and Sweden," says Gun, who owns the cosmetics company FACE Stockholm. "Even so, I was willing to take a chance for the view," she says.

"—she already had the inventory to fill the barn and then some.Basically, everything you need for your first anniversary!Here’s a little sneak peek at the three printable gift ideas you’ll find inside including: an Anniversary Picture Frame, 365 Days of Love Traditional Paper Gift, and a Book of Love to chronicle your first year of marriage.Celebrate the days, weeks, and months of your first year with 4 different gifts- each correlating with a significant number.For example, 1 pair of shoes for 1 year running strong. 52 favorite memories from 52 special weeks together. The options really are endless though with the presents you can choose! Why not gift your sweetheart a whole YEAR of love letters?

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Even better, write in and highlight the special and significant days that you’ve shared together on the calendar.

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